About Us

What is Sokol?

The American Sokol offers physical training in gymnastics and other athletics, as well as providing cultural awareness and family oriented activities. The organization is built on Sokolís founder Dr. Miroslav Tyrsí credo "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body".

Sokol was originally founded in 1862 in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic). Sokol's first unit in America was started in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1865. The Sokol organization continues today in the United States as a vital, thriving entity.

The History of Sokol Tabor

Sokol Tabor is the second oldest unit in the United States. It was founded in 1866 in the central part of Chicago. Sokol Tabor slowly moved west while merging with other Sokols. These mergers created a need for a larger building and the leaders of Sokol Tabor looked to the western suburbs to establish a new home.

A committee contacted Sokol Oak Park who had a spacious gymnasium located at 16th and Clarence in Berwyn, which was built in 1924. After much negotiation, on July 14, 1926 the merger of Sokols Oak Park and Tabor occurred with the new unit called Sokol Tabor.

The original building was retained untouched until 1960 when more space was needed. Bro. Charles Prchal, President of Sokol Tabor, drew up architectural plans, which called for a front extension of the building. It cost over $150,000 and was finally completed in 1975.

Sokol Tabor is a Club Member of USA Gymnastics.

Unit Officers

Sokol Tabor

President: Larry Svestka
I Vice President: Chris Raftopolous
II Vice President: John Fron Jr.
Secretary: Joe Placek
Financial Secretary:
Treasurer: Jim Svestka
Educational Director: George Kulhanek
Membership: Ted Polashek
Communications: Alan Linhart
Physical Director: Ken Fron, Sr.

Sokolice Tabor Officers

Sokolice Tabor

President: Judi Soulides
I Vice President: Nancy Colagrossi
II Vice President: Candace Short
Secretary: Hallie Soulides
Financial Secretary: Colleen Capodice
Treasurer: Jann Petkus
Educational Director: Hallie Soulides
Membership: Irena Polashek
Communications Maria Alviar
Womens Director BOI: Maureen Stanko & Christina Wurst
Central District Delegates: Candace Short, Joan Curran
Auditing Committee: Valentine Husak, Joan Curran, Vera Roknic

Sokol Tabor Board of Directors

Chairman: Paul Gerhardt
Treasurer: Ray Fron
Secretary: Joan Curran
Members: John Fron, Jr., Ken Fron, Rick Linhart, Juanita Lo Giudice, Joseph Moravec, Irena Polashek, Judi Soulides, Jim Svestka, Larry Svestka