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2014 Junior Class Banquet

The 2014 Sokol Tabor Junior Class Annual Banquet was held on Thursday, September 25 in the gym. 18 out of 25 Juniors were in attendance. The evening started with an ice breaker called "My Name Is." Each Junior came up to the board, wrote their name and attached it with a descriptive adjective that starts with the same letter of their first name. Creativity was high as we heard such names as Rockin' Robyn, Devious Daniel, Incredible Ithzel and Marvelous Matt. The extra twist: the Juniors had to call each other by these descriptive names the rest of the night! Next was dinner which consisted of pizza, juice pouches, and sugar cookies. Then, candidates running for a position on the board spoke individually and provided some personal and Sokol background, described how Sokol has impacted their life and stated two reasons why they wanted to be an officer. Finally, Judi Soulides, Sokolice Tabor President spoke to the group regarding their involvement within our gym. While the voting tallies were counted, the Juniors played a couple rounds of dodge ball. The evening concluded with the announcing of the 2014-2015 Sokol Tabor Junior Board

Sokol Tabor 2014-2015 Junior Board

Junior Boy Director: Julio Rodriguez (aka Jolly Julio)
Junior Girl Director: Vanessa Fron (aka Vivacious Vanessa)
Junior Class Secretary: Erik Hartwig (Energetic Erik)
Junior Class Treasurer: Liliana Acuna (aka Lovely Lily)
Junior Class Representatives: Jaye Hartwig (Jittery Jaye) and Karla Velasco (Kool Karla)

2014– 2015 Junior Class

Junior Class